AnGUS steaks – the best quality perfectly grilled on our lava stone grill

Come to our steakhouse “Angus“ and enjoy our Angus steak specialities perfectly grilled with a lava stone grill.



Opening hours


17:30 pm - 22:30 pm

The origin of the Angus beef is Scotland, the county Angus, where they were first breed. The usually black breed with its strong physique is now spread worldwide. The meat is deep red, fine marbling textured and very tender and juicy after grilling. We purchase our beef from Buenos Aires, from the steppes of Argentina, from animals that grow in wild nature and are not older than two years.
Within three weeks the fresh beef – unfrozen and without preservatives – is brought to Hamburg with special ships. During these three weeks the classic meat aging can be guaranteed.
Fillet- or rump steak, “Ranger steak“, “Salmon meets prawn” or “Baked potato” – we offer just the right thing for you, along with the corresponding wine or the refreshing Freiberger beer.

Our menu

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